Meet the Carmelites


Carmelites come from various backgrounds. Similarly, Carmelites work in a variety of ministries, including sacramental ministry, teaching, counselling among others. Although each vocation story is unique, the call to Carmel is a call to community life; to a sharing of all things. In this section, Carmelites speak about their own vocation journey. They tell how they came to Carmel but also what they feel called to do...

Br. Pat Mullins, O.Carm.

In this interview, Br. Pat Mullins speaks about his vocation journey. He tells how he moved from disillusionment with the Church to a deeper understanding of faith, and a profound experience of the presence and love of God.

Br. James Eivers, O.Carm.

In this interview, Br. James Eivers discusses his vocation journey. James first came to know the Carmelites through music, and from their he found, in the Carmelite charism, a place where he could explore his own relationship with Christ.

Fr. Leo Gallagher, O.Carm.

In this interview, Fr. Leo Gallagher discusses his vocation journey. Leo was attracted to the Carmelite Order through his desire to be a missionary. Having worked as a missionary and in formation for many years, Leo believes that Carmelite Spirituality has much to offer the world today. He states that we are called to make real the presence and love of God.